Vision for sustainable aquaculture

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Susan Thomson

The Vision for Sustainable Aquaculture, sets out the Scottish Government’s long-term aspirations for the finfish, shellfish and seaweed farming sectors, and the wider aquaculture supply chain. 

It is already a significant contributor to our economy through trade, employment and investment in infrastructure such as housing, broadband and harbour facilities. It produces the UK’s biggest food export – Scottish farmed salmon. Aquaculture has a crucial role to play in contributing to our food security and meeting our commitment to becoming a Good Food Nation, producing healthy, nutritious food, with a greenhouse gas emissions profile that is lower than many other farmed sources of animal protein, for people in Scotland and around the world.

The sector supports a wide range of highly skilled and well-paid jobs across farming operations, supply chain businesses, research institutes and new innovative enterprises. Many of these jobs are located in some of Scotland’s most fragile rural and island communities where they help to underpin valuable economic development. As a result of the growth of Scottish aquaculture and the development of the wider supply chain that serves it, aquaculture businesses can now be found across the whole of Scotland.

Aquaculture depends on Scotland’s natural capital and the communities within which the sector operates. It must operate within environmental limits, to ensure that our waters are clean and safe, supporting healthy and diverse flora and fauna. As we respond to the twin crises of climate change and nature loss, we envisage a sector that leads the world through the responsible and sustainable ways in which it operates, delivering significant and lasting socio-economic benefits for Scotland and for the communities that host aquaculture businesses.

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