Women in Agriculture evaluation report published

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Alan Robertson

An evaluation report - 'Women in Agriculture Practical Training Fund 2021-2022: evaluation report' - has been published by Scottish Government. 

The report outlines the main findings of the evaluation of the Women in Agriculture Practical Training Fund 2021-2022 including analysis of a survey and in-depth interviews with women who received funding to undertake training in the agricultural sector.

A short online survey was sent to 986 women who applied to the fund asking about their experience of their training course, its impact and the importance of the fund to them. From the 200 respondents, in-depth follow-up interviews were then conducted with eight women as well as two organisers of a course for girls to assess the longer term impacts of the fund on women and girls.

The research results showed that the majority of applicants experienced positive impacts and showed recipients of funding had developed skills and confidence to bring to their existing roles as well as the skills and broadened horizons to diversify their careers if desired. The availability of funding itself was a motivator as it was often a tipping point and without it, some women would not have taken up any training opportunities.

The research suggests that childcare, work commitments and unavailability of courses in certain locations remain a persistent issue and raises a question around the potential number of women who do not have the time or resources to find training appropriate to them, or face additional barriers, and what can be done to support this group.

On-line courses offered a more flexible training format and allowed access to training for those who would not have been able to attend in person but online learning did not suit everyone. Social and support networks developed through the training were invaluable to many of the women attending the training courses.

The research provides evidence of the short and longer-term impacts of the fund in addition to women’s experience of applying to the fund and taking training. Their feedback will enable Sottish Government to evaluate the success of the fund and contribute to future policy plans.

You can find the full report and a one page summary here