Women's Health Plan: Interim Progress Update 2023

Women's Health Plan graphic
Susan Thomson

The Women's Health Plan was published in August 2021 and sets out how the Scottish Government intends to address inequalities in women’s health outcomes. Running over a three year period from 2021 – 2024, its sixty-six actions focus on six priority areas which are i) menopause, ii) menstrual health, iii) endometriosis, iv) abortion and contraception, v) post-natal contraception and vi) heart health.

The first Report on Progress provided a comprehensive update on the progress made since the publication of the Women’s Health Plan from August 2021 until January 2023. This interim report provides a short update on some key highlights that have taken place in the subsequent months.

Importantly, this report recognises and celebrates the important role and accomplishments of stakeholders across the health sector and beyond who are working toward the Women’s Health Plan’s ambition that all women and girls enjoy the best possible health, throughout their lives.

This interim report on the Women’s Health Plan highlights key areas of progress that have taken place since the publication of the Report on Progress in January 2023. It shows examples of successful collaborative working, good practice and innovation which demonstrate the enthusiasm and dedication of those working across women’s health in Scotland.

More information is available here.