World Wetlands day 2nd February

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Sophie Law


World wetlands day on 2nd February. 

Wetlands are areas which are either permanently or seasonally flooded, they can be coastal, inland, or manmade and support many different species all around the world.  This can include ponds, lagoons, mangroves, salt pans, lakes, rivers and also peatlands.

All these areas provide essential services including drainage, providing water and filtering of water to provide clean drinking water as well as storing carbon, which we all know right now is vital for the protection of the planet - although, as much as 35% of the world’s wetlands have disappeared over the last 50 years.

The theme for World Wetlands Day 2023 is wetland restoration.  This means there are areas calling out for intervention and help.  These areas are disappearing three times faster than forests and reversing this damage is crucial.

The Scottish Government has a funded program aimed at restoring Peatlands. Environment Minister Mairi McAllan said:

“Peatlands are an integral part of Scotland’s cultural and natural heritage, and cover more than 20% of our country. When in good condition, they offer multiple benefits to our environment and communities. Restoring Scotland’s peatlands can help us fight climate change, support biodiversity and provide good, green jobs – often in rural communities.” This program was started in 2020 and a huge £230 million will be spent before 2030 to restore these areas.

Land managers can apply to Peatland ACTION for funding, if you are interested and keen to do on the ground action more information can be found here on their website.

From deciding to learn more, educating others about what can be done and participating to help restore a habitat all makes an impact and may have the ripple effect which is needed.  Join and find out more information on the World Wetlands Day website where you can post a pledge and see the many events happening all around the world.


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