An opportunity to contribute to the Blue New Deal and support coastal communities

An opportunity to contribute to the Blue New Deal and support coastal communities

Fernanda Balata, project lead for coastal and marine environment at New Economics Foundation

The Blue New Deal initiative, led by the New Economics Foundation (NEF), is working to develop an action plan to support coastal communities, coastal economies and the marine environment on which they depend.

Since December 2015, NEF has been working alongside a range of stakeholders to understand what needs to happen in order to deliver more and better jobs, increased economic sustainability and resilience for coastal communities through a healthier coastal and marine environment.

A collective failure, over the years, to plan, rethink and transform the coastal economy has left coastal areas vulnerable to increasing economic and environmental challenges. However, coastal communities have an incredible asset at their doorsteps. Healthier and more productive seas can play a key role in helping to revitalise the UK coast.

On Tuesday 26 July 2016, NEF will be hosting a one-day workshop at the University of Aberdeen to bring together private, public and third-sector organisations working towards these goals in Scotland.

The action plan will propose ideas that can turn a few examples of good practice into common practice around the UK coast, to the benefit of communities, the economy and coastal and marine ecosystems.

Listening and engaging with a range of voices and interests has revealed examples of good practice and ideas that communities are already using to tackle different problems. The Blue New Deal website is highlighting many of these stories, and these actions are helping to shape a UK-wide plan that proposes long-term solutions to the challenges facing coastal communities and the marine environment.

The discussions in Aberdeen on 26 July will help shape the Blue New Deal action plan for Scotland.

The action plan will outline which important actions are necessary to support the economic transformation of the UK coastline. Although this transformation should be led and informed by the communities themselves, it cannot succeed without a corresponding vision at a national level and a long-term strategy that supports social, economic and environmental goals simultaneously.

The Blue New Deal is helping to strengthen existing efforts at a national level, inspiring and supporting communities to deliver change and promoting greater cooperation and communication around these complex issues.

If you are interested in attending the workshop on 26 July, register your interest by 6 June.