There is still time for community groups to apply for funding to improve energy efficency in village halls, community hubs and other community buildings. 

On 1 May 2024, the SCVO hosted a conference aimed at those running village and community halls across Scotland. Scottish Rural Network, along with a other stakeholders, funded and support the event with delegates joined us both online and in-person at Birnam Arts to connect, share ideas, and inspire each other.

Village halls are often the heart of a community. They are places for people to gather, learn, access services and have fun. Making sure they are well run and maintained is an important but not always easy role, often fulfilled by committed volunteers and workers.

Solar Architecture and Occupant Health - Experiences from research and practice

In this Webinar, Prof Gokay Deveci will share his works in solar architecture and Passive House, their performance in relation to occupant health, an area not commonly reported in solar-integrated and energy efficient buildings.

A fund to help community groups across Scotland set up renewable energy generation projects has opened for applications.

The £1.5 million Community Energy Generation Growth Fund will support local communities installing wind turbines and solar panels or developing other types of renewable energy generation, such as hydro, to meet local needs. 

Tourism & Renewables Conference

What role does the Highlands have to play on the path to green energy? How will these efforts impact tourism in the region? What opportunities will there be for the local communities and destinations? How can brand Highlands, with a bold vision, bind the two sectors for the greater good of the Highlands - economically socially and environmentally?

The Scottish Government is stepping up action to tackle climate change with a suite of new policies on transport, including increasing the number of electric vehicle chargers, and land use.

The Scottish Government are seeking views on the priorities and principles they have set for the use of bioenergy, as well as views on the potential to scale up domestic production of biomass via planting of perennial energy crops.

There are several Scottish Government online consultations currently open, which are of direct relevance to rural and island communities.

Consultations are an important part of government policy development, where views and insights garnered are used by policy areas to develop and inform policies that in turn can be progressed into new Bills or Laws.  Online consultations are a key tool in supporting this activity.

Net Zero - Inspiration from Comrie Croft

Join Growbiz  in person at the iconic Comrie Croft to hear Andrew Donaldson talk about the positive impact of climate action and sustainability on his business and the route he’s taking to reach Net zero as an achievable goal. His inspiring story will challenge you to think creatively about you business' climate action.

Andrew says:

Youth Climate Leadership - Highlands

Join 2050 Climate Group in the third taster session of the newly redeveloped young leaders development programme!