A pathway to help make Scotland a world leader in hydrogen production has been published.

The Hydrogen Action Plan sets out steps to help the emerging hydrogen sector in Scotland achieve an ambition of 5 Gigawatts (GW) of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen - equivalent to a sixth of Scotland’s energy needs - by 2030.

Rural Housing Scotland have been awarded funding from 

£20 million referendum funding will support people struggling with their energy bills.

Thousands of vulnerable households will be supported by the continuation of the Scottish Government’s uprated £20 million Fuel Insecurity Fund.

The World That Is Shaping Our COAST

Join Lateral North on the 10th January for a one-day event and exhibition which celebrates projects throughout Scotland that focus on the country's unique, diverse and ever-changing coastline. These projects, ideas and opportunities will look at the stories of the past, the projects of the present and the ideas of the future, with a key element looking at how the coastline is, quite literally, changing due to industry, climate change, biodiversity loss and other challenges.

Protection for Scotland’s nature is set to be urgently scaled up, with 26 priority actions to restore Scotland’s natural environment and halt the loss of biodiversity by 2030.

Projects to restore rivers in the Cairngorms and protect the rainforest in Argyll are among the initiatives that will share £7.6 million through the latest round of the Scottish Government’s Nature Restoration Fund.

This round is focussed on supporting large scale projects, including multi-year projects that run up to 2026.

Today saw the publication of research on how local and regional economic development policies can contribute to reducing child poverty in Scotland.

Islanders most impacted by the cost of living crisis will be able to access additional help. The Islands Cost Crisis Emergency Fund will target immediate support to those who are struggling due to the cost of living crisis, either through existing schemes or new support.

Homeowners can now apply for a standalone grant of £7,500 from the Home Energy Scotland Scheme to install heat pumps. Previously, applicants were required to sign up for a loan before they qualified for this funding, but can now access the money directly.

The new approach is designed to offer greater flexibility for those looking to make their homes more climate-friendly.

Today sees the publication of analysis of a consultation into a proposed Scottish Circular Economy Bill – ‘Delivering Scotland's circular economy: Proposed Circular Economy Bill - Consultation analysis’.