Food and drink

Second Highland Haggis Festival

A two day Festival over the weekend of the 16th to 17th April 2016.

Venues include the local village halls, Nevis Range ski centre, local restaurants and the village primary school.

Autumn Harvest

Nowadays, with a wide variety of food available all year round, we have no problem sourcing our winter provisions but our ancient ancestors did not have that luxury. They had to devise ways of storing their food for the long winter ahead of them.

Join us for a celebration of seasonal fare including tasters of fungi, hazelnuts, soups and stews representing the kind of foods the loch-dwellers would have eaten at this time of year.

Booking essential for large groups only.

Call 01887 830853 or email

Lughnasa Harvest Festival

Another of the four traditional Celtic Festivals, ‘Lughnasa’ has many possible origins but is most often associated with the sun god Lugh. The date of 1st August is linked to the ancient Celtic calendar tablet found at Coligny in France.

Iron Age Gourmet Day

There was no kitchen in the Crannog, or at least not one that we would recognise today, but the Loch-dwellers managed with what they had producing fabulous down-to-earth nutritional food.

Our Iron age Gourmet day is one of our most popular events so don’t miss out on cookery demonstrations like you've never seen before: fish baked in clay stuffed with foraged herbs; fish smoked over an open fire; stews and soups using fresh local produce; breads, spreads and jams; locally-sourced spit-roast lamb, wild boar sausages to toast over an open fire and more.

Celtic Spring Food Festival

Discover Iron Age cooking including spit-cooked meat, fish, Crannog stews, locally foraged greens, breads & spreads and themed beverages. Try our ancient craft activities while you’re waiting for a taste of what life was like 2,500 years ago.

All events include museum exhibits, talks around a log-fire in the Crannog roundhouse, demonstrations and hands-on experience of ancient crafts and technologies.

Easter Sunday Pancake Eggstravaganza

Celebrate Easter Iron Age style with pancakes cooked over an open fire; make your own bread rolls baked in our clay ovens and churn your own butter to spread on them. Hands-on fun and learning all in one go!

A mini farm shop vending machine is being trialled at Forth Valley College.

The vending machine at Forth Valley College's Stirling Campus offers a broad variety of local products from different producers including bread, vegetables and eggs.

The ten-day pilot scheme aims to connect more consumers with their local producers and, if successful, could see mini farm shops pop up across the city.

A new rural services initiative to help rural pubs diversify and provide local services in communities will launch in the Scottish Borders in January.

Pub is The Hub is launching its service in the Scottish Borders in partnership with Scottish Borders Council. It is also supported by the Scottish Government, the Prince’s Countryside Fund and Diageo.

Views are being sought on the future direction of the Cairngorm and Glenmore area of the Cairngorms National Park.

A 14-week public consultation has launched with the aim of developing a long-term strategy for the management of the publicly-owned land in this area.

More than 100 young farmers gathered in Dundee recently for the second Scottish Association of Young Farmers' Clubs' Agri and Rural Affairs Conference.

Members from across the country took part in the 'Cultivating Futures' event which explored the theme of opportunties for young people.