Today (15 December 2022), the Scottish Government published its 2023-24 budget which sets out proposed spending and tax plans for 2023 to 2024, as presented to the Scottish Parliament.

Chapter 10 covers Rural Affairs and Islands covering allocations for:


ScotHot, Scotland’s leading showcase for food, drink, hospitality, retail and tourism is returning to the SEC Glasgow from 8 - 9 March 2023.

This year the event celebrates its 50th Anniversary and features over 200 exhibitors over two-days, promoting the best of local Scottish produce.

There will be sessions about the latest trends and innovations in the sector and the chance to meet with suppliers and other sector operators.

The road to zero carbon: your community pub addressing climate change

Are you involved in setting up a community owned pub in Scotland and want to embed good green practices from the very start? Or is your pub already trading and you are looking at ways to transition to net zero whilst reducing your energy costs and addressing the needs of your community?

What stories can you tell in Winter to keep your audience engaged?

This online meeting is being hosted by Megan Allen a journalist, Storytelling Strategist and PR Coach to look at how you can start 2023 off on a high with season storytelling that resonates with your customers.

What stories can you tell in winter to keep your audience engaged?

A report published last week by Dr Simon McKerrell as part of the Music in the Rural Creative Economy research project is now available to view online.

A programme to drive the economic growth of the agritourism sector in Scotland is set to receive more than £442,000. The programme will see the recruitment of four farms across Scotland, with the involvement of a wider circle of eight rural businesses around each farm.

At least 400 further individual rural businesses will also participate via meetings and seminars.

Showcasing Innovation in Scottish Agritourism

This agritourism networking event is open to anyone with an interest in growing agritourism in Scotland including members of Scottish Agritourism.

The event includes a networking Supper and is kindly hosted by Jan Dixon and Leigh Grainger.

You can attend any one of our regional events regardless of where you live in Scotland.

A pioneering community group in Glengarry in the Scottish Highlands has this week launched a bid to raise £250,000 to fund Glengarry Forest Cabins (GFC), a sustainable new eco-tourism destination in the area.

A new nature reserve in the uplands of Dumfries and Galloway has doubled in size with the legal completion of the South of Scotland’s largest community buyout, in what organisers say is a ‘moment of history and hope’ for nature, climate and people.

New National Park Commission - National Event

NatureScot has been asked by the Scottish Government to work with them in establishing at least one new National Park by 2026, beginning with preparing further advice on what National Parks are expected to deliver for Scotland and how future areas can be selected for designation. Further background on this work can be found on the Scottish Government website.