Introduction to Regenerative Grazing

Wednesday 24 January 2024 - 17:00 to 18:00


Agroecology: Strengthening Livelihoods

Scottish Government have highlighted Regenerative Grazing as a future Tier 2 option for conditional support.

"Regenerative grazing is the practice of building soil health by managing livestock on grazed areas. It is characterised by: frequent rotation and long resting time/recovery periods for paddocks. Regenerative grazing allows the sward to grow high, to ensure grasses and plants flower and seed. This encourages regrowth and development of strong plant and root systems, which also improves soil microbiology and function. Appropriate management for grazed habitats requires minimum rest periods (at least 30-45 days) depending on type of sward."

To help prepare farmers for changes to future support, this webinar will give an introduction to how two farmers have implemented these approaches.

Join two expert graziers to hear how they have implemented regenerative grazing techniques such as Mob Grazing and Adaptive Multi Paddock (AMP) grazing to extend the grazing season, manage landscape restoration, improve animal health and reduce costs.

We will hear from Heather Close from Balsar Glen in Ayrshire and Alex Brewster from Rotmell Farm in Perthshire.

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