EIP AGRI seek experts for three focus groups

Holstein-Friesian calves in barn. Langhill Dairy Farm.
Norette Ferns

The European Innovation Partnership 'Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability' (EIP-AGRI) is calling for experts for three new focus groups.

EIP-AGRI are encouraging people involved in agroforestry, dairy farming or tending vineyards to apply to be part of the Focus Groups and work with 19 other experts from across Europe.

Andrew Brewster, beef cattle farmer from Scotland, and expert from the Focus Group on Livestock Emissions said:

"I decided to apply for the Focus Group as an expert as I had a real interest in the particular topic. I hoped my practical experience in grass based systems would be helpful. So far I have enjoyed meeting leading European scientists and working on our topic. The EIP-AGRI Focus Groups help to bridge the gap between scientists and practical farmers where there is often little communication and understanding. I would strongly recommend all farmers to get involved in an EIP-AGRI Focus Group."

The three Focus Groups will be looking into the following specific questions:

  • Robust and resilient dairy production systems - How to create good conditions for dairy cattle husbandry in different production systems? The group should look at breeding, nutrition, fertility, health, welfare, monitoring, and overall management in all parts of the life cycle of animals. The impact on profitability and sustainability (in animal welfare terms) should be assessed.
  • Agroforestry: introducing woody vegetation into specialised crop and livestock systems - How to develop agroforestry as a sustainable farming system which can boost agricultural productivity and profitability?
  • Diseases and pests in viticulture - How can we increase resilience of grape vines to pests and diseases and support productivity of the sector in sustainable ways?

Visit the EIP AGRI website for more information.

To apply, complete the online application form before Monday 11 July 2016 23:59 hrs CET (Brussels time).