Experts wanted for farming focus group

Sheep grazing in a field in the Scottish Borders. Photographer - Matt Cartney - Crown Copyright.
Norette Ferns

The European Innovation Partnership on Agriculture and Sustainability EIP-AGRI has issued a call for experts to join a new Focus Group on 'Mixed Farming systems: Livestock/Cash crops'.

Twenty experts will gather to try and answer the main question of the Focus Group:

How to develop livestock/cash crop interactions and promote their benefits as a sustainable alternative to farm or territorial specialisation?

EIP-AGRI are now looking for farmers, scientists, farm advisors, people from agribusiness or anybody who could contribute with their expertise and experience.
Read the call text for this new Focus Group and submit your application by 7 September 2015 23:59 CET.

The debates between the selected experts will take place over two meetings which are to be held within the period of a year. The first meeting will be held on the 24 and 25 November 2015 in Dublin.

The main aim of these meetings is analysing different mixed farming systems, exploring their success and fail factors, and identify the knowledge gaps to cover for taking advantage of them to solve farms environmental problems and increase their productivity.

Joining an EIP-AGRI Focus Group allows you to share your knowledge and to learn from peers. It may also help broaden your professional European network, and form the start of a new cooperation.

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