Experts sought for EIP-AGRI Focus Group

Tractor in field
Norette Ferns

The European Innovation Partnership on Agriculture and Sustainability (EIP-AGRI) is looking for 20 experts for a new Focus Group on "Benchmarking of farm productivity and sustainability performance".

EIP-AGRI is looking for farmers, scientists, farm advisors, people from agribusiness or and others who could contribute with their expertise and experience.

The main question of the Focus Group is:

How can farmers and advisers use benchmarking data and processes to improve farm productivity and sustainability performance?

Joining an EIP-AGRI Focus Group allows you to share your knowledge and to learn from peers. It may also help broaden your professional European network, and form the start of a new cooperation.

Read the call text for this new Focus Group and submit your application by 7 September 2015 23:59 CET.

The debates between the selected experts will take place over two meetings which are to be held within the period of a year. During the meetings they will share knowledge and experience. Each group explores practical innovative solutions to problems or opportunities, and draws on experiences derived from related useful projects. The first meeting is set for 8-9 December 2015.

EIP-AGRI are also seeking experts for a Focus Group on Mixed Farming Systems.

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What's involved in an EIP-AGRI Focus Group? Check out the inforgraphic below.

EIP-AGRI Focus Group folow chart showing process of the focus group