Renovating the community shop and post office, Estonia

Post office in Leesi
Tuesday 4 May 2021 - 14:00 to 15:00

Online seminar


This seminar will focus on the creation of a cooperative to renovate and run the community shop and post office in Leesi Village, Estonia.

The speaker will be Artur Talvik, a well-known in Estonian filmmaker, community activist and politician (a former Member of Parliament). He has a summer house in Lahemaa National Park, on the Juminda peninsula which, due very much to his efforts has become one of the most active communities in Estonia. Their community has started a community radio, a voluntary law enforcement and sea rescue units. Their latest achievement is creating a cooperative of 70 families to renovate and run a 100-year-old community shop and post office at Leesi. For this work they received much attention and an award from the national heritage board.

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All interested in rural community development are welcome to join this seminar!