Farm to Fork Webinar (Part of the EU Green Week)

Soaring energy prices, the rising cost of living and threats to our food system brought on by the war in Ukraine have provoked panicked calls for more intensive farming and a scaling back of green ambitions, including the recent decision from the EU agricultural ministers to allow production on marginal land. But these calls detract us from our long-term, but most urgent need to achieve net zero and will reverse any gains in food security for a fairer, greener, healthier Europe.

A new service is to be established to offer vital advice and urgent practical support to Ukrainian seasonal horticultural workers in Scotland.

Ukrainian workers play a key role in soft fruit and vegetable production in Scotland, but due to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia they are facing a range of concerns about their work, their homes, and their futures.

This year 

After a three-year project collaboration, the international ViSEnet-team has gathered learning resources and best practices in an online free guide dedicated to rural social entrepreneurs: The Rural Social Enterprise Guidebook of Good Practice: Experience from Estonia, Finland, Germany, Romania and Scotland. 

Climate Emergency Training

Helping young people tackle climate change

With extreme weather events in the news almost daily and the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) happening in Scotland in November 2021, it has never been more important to provide opportunities for our young people to talk and learn about climate change.

The Future of Rural Social Enterprises in Europe

Join in a round table discusson on the future of rural Social Enterprises in Europe.

The event will include a short introduction to the ViSEnet project and features guest speakers from across academia and policy-making in Ireland, Scotland, and Estonia. Discussions will cover themes including:   

The Scottish Government has launched a new Arctic Connections fund to encourage cooperation and mutual learning between Scottish organisations and their Arctic partners.

Renovating the community shop and post office, Estonia

This seminar will focus on the creation of a cooperative to renovate and run the community shop and post office in Leesi Village, Estonia.

Plans for a Scottish replacement for European Structural Funds after EU exit have been published.

The new Scottish Shared Prosperity Fund (SSPF) will ensure Scotland’s distinctive needs and priorities are met, with a key focus on addressing and reducing economic and social disparity.

The Scottish Government have released an evaluation report into the Scottish Rural Network (SRN), part of the Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP) which delivers Pillar 2 of the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and is funded by the European Commission and the Scottish Government.