SCN120224 North Scotland: Rewilding and Restoration

SCN120224 North Scotland: Rewilding and Restoration Event details
Monday 12 February 2024 - 12:30 to 13:30



The north of Scotland has some of the most interesting and ambitious landscape-scale restoration and rewilding projects in the UK.

Join IEMA for a webinar where we showcase some of the great work being done in the region and offer the opportunity for questions and knowledge sharing.


Ellen Bird (Project Manager – Saving Morvern’s Rainforest): Saving Morvern's Rainforest is an RSPB-led project which aims to restore rainforest across the Morvern peninsula. We are working with landowners, land managers and the local community, at a landscape-scale, to realise their collective vision of a thriving healthy rainforest. The project will breathe life back into rainforests choked with invasive rhododendron and connect fragmented woodlands, providing vital habitat for wildlife in a time of nature crisis.

Dr Hannah Rudman: Dr Hannah Rudman's work focuses on how digital and data innovations in nature tech can help the natural economy sector address the Grand Challenges we face – climate change, food safety and security, loss of biodiversity, and pollution. She is convenor of, an adhocracy creating international open standardised processes for nature tech measuring carbon, biodiversity and nature improvements. Hannah's skills include establishing and maintaining strategic relationships and partnerships, and communicating the opportunities and impacts of digital data and emerging technologies with clarity to government, general audiences and industry. She is also an experienced non-executive director used to dealing with risk, transparency, integrity, culture and fiduciary duties. She currently serves Highlands Rewilding, also working in an executive capacity on business development, and as a publicly appointed board trustee of the National Galleries of Scotland.

Stephanie Kiel (Trees for Life - Affric Highlands): Stephanie will be giving a presentation of a case study of their restoration/rewilding work.