Stories for Change 2/4: Super Simple Audio Editing

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Tuesday 19 September 2023 - 10:00 to 12:00


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Join SCCAN Story Weaver, Kaska Hempel, for a hands on introduction to editing a climate-engaged audio story using Descript on Tuesday, 19 September, 10am-12pm, online.

SCCAN want to tell 1000 Better Stories of community climate action to help everyone imagine a better and fairer future for all. Join them this Autumn to learn how to create powerful audio stories about what your own community and others are already doing, and to help inspire the groundswell of change that’s so urgently needed.

The SCCAN Autumn Stories for Change workshop series will give you an easy to follow introduction to using audio for storytelling. They focus on easy to use, affordable or free equipment and software to make audio storytelling accessible for all.

They also help you share your story to a wider audience. You can:

Super Simple Audio Editing workshop on Tuesday, 19 of September, 10am-12pm is the the second of four planned for this Autumn and it will cover:

  • an introduction to using Descript for editing audio - it's as easy and fun as editing a text doc!
  • making it sound good
  • adding intro, outros, and music
  • hands on practice in editing
  • exporting your finished audio and transcript
  • collaboration
  • an opportunity to network with others
  • contributing your recorded interview to Everyday Changemaker series and joining SCCAN Storytelling Collective

More details at the Get Tickets link.

£0 – £9.50