Sustainability in Fashion with R:evolve Recycle & SCCAN

Sustainability in Fashion
Thursday 23 September 2021 - 17:00 to 18:30


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About this event

Let's celebrate the European Day of Sustainable Communities 2021, #EDSC21.

Fashion is more that clothes, it is an important tool of human self-expression - but how can we make it right for the environment and each other?

Whether you are trying to dress and accessorize more sustainably and are curious about how to or are already an expert willing to share some wisdom, come and joining us, R:evolve Recycle and Irregular Sleeping Pattern for a lively chat around fashion and sustainability.

Join us 5pm - 6:30pm Thursday 23rd September 2021 as part of the Climate Fringe Week and the European Day of Sustainable Communities 2021.

This event is supported by the Scottish Community Alliance's Community Learning Exchange.


5:00 pm Welcome

5:10 pm Anne Marie Clarence - R:evolve Recycle - Key speaker - Story

5:30 pm Jolene Crawford - Irregular Sleeping Pattern - Story

5:40 pm Q&A

5:55 pm Comfort Break

6:05 pm Polls

6:10 pm Discussion - Breakout Rooms

6:30 pm End


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For more information about Irregular Sleeping Pattern click here

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