What do we mean by Climate Positive Farming?

Tuesday 17 May 2022 - 12:00 to 16:30

Glensaugh Farm, near Fettercairn

The Scottish NEFRETITI Hub

The Scottish NEFERTITI Hub is organising a free on-farm demonstration titled ‘What do we mean by Climate Positive Farming?’ at Glensaugh Farm, near Fettercairn on Tuesday 17th May 2022, 12pm-4:30pm.

The event welcomes students, new entrants to farming and young farmers to an in-person guided tour of the climate positive farming initiative at Glensaugh farm, followed by a by a practical workshop on business planning that will consider the challenges and opportunities climate change poses to Scottish agriculture.

To register for this event or for more information please get in touch with Tami Wooldridge (tami.wooldridge@hutton.ac.uk) or Annie McKee (Annie.McKee@hutton.ac.uk). Please note that this event is subject to cancellation on short notice in the event of Covid-19 guideline changes and/or unsuitable weather.

The NEFERTITI project aims to facilitate on-farm demonstration activities and farmer-to-farmer learning that supports innovation uptake. The James Hutton Institute is one partner in the NEFERTITI project. The focus in Scotland is to support new entrant demonstration farmers, or those who wish to share their knowledge and experience with young people, to encourage farming careers.