Call for a New Food System with Kiss the Ground

Call for a new food system
Wednesday 9 June 2021 - 19:00 to 20:00


The Positive Impact Community

About this event

Following the screening of Kiss the Ground (link available prior to the event), we will invite our panelists to discuss their views about how best to navigate the challenges, opportunities and pitfalls that we will meet during the decisive decade (s?) ahead.

Invitees will be given a link to the Kiss the Ground documentary 24 hours ahead.


800m people are malnourished while 1/3 of our food is wasted and a further 2bn are obese. The agrifood sector contributes to 34% of GHGs, while 2bn subsistence farmers eak out a feeble living and are the most vulnerable to our unfolding climate emergency. Meanwhile, we deplete our soil’s health with chemicals designed in the first and second world war as weapons, in an ongoing war against nature. Industrialized agriculture has a mixed report card at best, yet the role of food will be key to unlocking our best future.


  • How do we feed an exploding population whilst balancing the needs of mother earth?

  • Is regenerative agriculture the answer?

  • How can we make this great systemic shift happen?

  • What is the role of the enlightened entrepreneur?



Richard Wegman - Chief Operating Officer (COO), Kiss the Ground

Helen Browning, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), The Soil Association

Andrew Hunt - Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Aduna