Galloway Glens' Autumn/Winter Programme

A mix of winter and autumnal weather from rain to snow across different countryside views.
Wednesday 20 October 2021 - 19:30 to Wednesday 22 December 2021 - 20:30

Each event is being planned in a ‘hybrid’ format, allowing attendees to either attend the venue in person or to log in from home.

Galloway Glens

Coinciding with November’s COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow

These events try to get under the skin of some of our beloved species and habitats, promising to be both entertaining but also poignant, exploring the challenges and opportunities offered by our changing climate.

The programme is overseen by Galloway Glens Project Officer, Nick Chisholm. Announcing the line-up, Nick said:

“How amazing it is that so many people have volunteered to help us with these events. We have managed to put together a truly exciting series of events that should have something for everyone: hi science, performing arts, photography, spoken word and climate all rolled into an eclectic mix to make a great Galloway Glens Fruit cake.

Many thanks to everyone involved, from project partners delivering events through to the support of the wider Council’s Environment Team.”

The Events in the programme are:

Good Neighbours: Home & Away - The Tales of a Wayward Goose. 7.30pm, 20 October.

Galloway Trout Travellers. 7.30pm, 03 November

The Wild Woods of Western Europe. 7.30pm, 17 November

Let’s Grouse. 7.30pm, 01 December

Inspirational Threave. 7.30pm, 15 December

Robins: A Galloway Glens Christmas Card. 7.30pm, 22 December

For further information, please visit their website.