Woodland view from ground angle with reflective puddles in foreground
Tuesday 28 September 2021 - 00:00 to Sunday 24 October 2021 - 00:00
Film access Scotland

How  would  you reimagine life,  the  future for  our  beautiful  country  and  for  our planet?  

Regardless of background, age or filmmaking experience, anyone can submit a film to the Challenge and there are resources available online to help people get started. The early deadline for film submissions is midnight on 24th October 2021.

  • How would you reimagine life and our future for beautiful Scotland - and our entire planet?
  • What changes do you wish to see and how should we move forward for a better future globally?
  • Do you have a story and/or experience to share that would inspire people to think and act differently?
  • Would your home and region be affected in a particular way and how do you think your community would respond? 

Workshops for Groups and Organisations

Groups and organisations can register for Free Online Workshops where a group representative will receive filmmaking and climate literacy training. This is only available for groups based in Scotland. Through this highly accessible and practical free online training, the representative will be confident in working with their group or organisation to make a 90-second live action or animated film for the Climate Challenge.

Workshops are delivered online in collaboration with organisations across Scotland: Screen Education Edinburgh, GMAC Film, Media Education, shmuSouth West Media Factory, An Lanntair, Plantation ProductionsScreen Argyll and Scottish Association for Marine Science.

Register here 

For additional information please go to their website Climate Challenge: 1.5 Degrees Films – Film Access Scotland

If you have any questions or accessibility requirements please email

Please make sure you read the Climate Challenge: 1.5 Degrees Films Guidelines and Eligibility Criteria before you submit your film.