Trees and carbon credits on your farm

Trees and carbon credits on your farm
Tuesday 29 November 2022 - 19:00 to 20:00

Online Event

Integrating Trees Network

Join the Integrating Trees Network to hear and discuss what the Woodland Carbon Code is, how it works, and what makes your trees eligible.

Come along to hear from Pat Snowdon from Scottish Forestry who will cover the commonly asked questions: How many credits will I get for my trees? What are carbon credits worth? How do I sell carbon credits and who buys them? What is a project developer? As well as any other questions you have.

The Integrating Trees Network host farmers, Andrew Adamson Netherurd Home Farm, West Linton and Andrew Barbour, Mains of Fincastle, Pitlochry will be there to share their thoughts on how they see it as part of their farming business, whether that’s an asset to hold onto, a commodity, or a marketing tool. Come along to hear from the speakers and ask your questions.

To help answer as many questions as possible, please send your questions in advance to and