Trees to Improve Your Farm Business

Trees to Improve your farm -Soil Association
Tuesday 5 October 2021 - 12:15 to 16:30

Ardoch and Threepland farms, Eaglesham, Glasgow

Soil Association Scotland

In this face-to-face, walk and talk event Iain and Marion McDonald of Ardoch and Threepland farms will be joined by Virginia Harden Scott, Woodland Creation Officer for Scottish Forestry and Dr Vicky West, UK Woodland Carbon Code Manager, Scottish Forestry, to talk about:

  • Iain and Marion’s experience: benefits of planting trees for farm management, animal welfare (eg. fencing and shelter for livestock), income stream diversification and inheritance planning
  • Funding opportunities for woodland creation, including forestry grant schemes and UK Woodland Carbon Code
  • Timber markets and tax benefits of forestry
  • Any questions you want answered!

The event offers landowners and those advising them a chance to see existing woodland creation projects on-site and hear, first hand, the benefits of integrating forestry with farming to help diversify income, maximise productivity, tax benefits and succession planning of their land.

FREE of charge to crofters, farmers, land managers and foresters. Limited spaces, so booking is required.
Lunch is included.

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For more information contact Ana on 0793 082 4983 (

This event has been developed in partnership with Central Conservancy Scottish Forestry

FREE of charge to crofters, farmers, land managers and foresters.