What stories can you tell in Winter to keep your audience engaged?

What stories can you tell in Winter to keep your audience engaged?

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Tuesday 13 December 2022 - 10:00 to 11:00


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This online meeting is being hosted by Megan Allen a journalist, Storytelling Strategist and PR Coach to look at how you can start 2023 off on a high with season storytelling that resonates with your customers.

What stories can you tell in winter to keep your audience engaged?

We know lots of members struggle to tell their stories in winter, especially in the tourism business when peak seasons focus around summer or Christmas, while others like taking some time off. January and February can be some of the hardest months to create content and keep your audience engaged. However, there is actually a lot you can be talking about at this time of year to get your audience inspired and plan a visit to your Agritourism business.

Did you know that "Twixmas", the period between Christmas and New Year is statistically the busiest time of year for booking holidays? So, whilst it is ok to slow down, you want to make sure you still have a presence online and don't disappear from sight altogether.

In this free Winter Storytelling Workshop Megan will look at what stories you can tell that will resonate with your audience and keep your brand story alive throughout the winter months. We'll also look at predictions for the year ahead in 2023 and how you can maximise these opportunities. By the end of the workshop, not only will you know who your winter audience is and what stories to be telling them but also, you'll have a plan in place to tell them.