Feeding Tayside Through The Climate Crisis

Tayside countryside
Friday 24 March 2023 - 10:00 to 17:00

Discovery Point, Discovery Quay, Dundee, DD1 4XA

Bioregioning Tayside

A global transformation is needed this decade in our food systems to deliver climate change mitigation and adaptation, safeguard biological diversity, improve food security and ensure and create more inclusive and resilient food economies that deliver healthier diets for all.

Under the umbrella of Bioregioning Tayside, a group of individuals and organisations from civil society, the market and the state are starting to design interventions which will transform Tayside’s food system.

Following visits to a range of food producers in Tayside in 2022, and a design workshop on activating positive social tipping points , this conference will identify the framework for triggering systemic change in Tayside’s food system.

The concept of a bioregion helps us to see the unique places where we live and work with new eyes, so that we can:

  • realise that where we live is shaped first and foremost by the natural, geographic environment
  • remember the primacy of those natural systems in facilitating our survival and the value therefore, of protecting them
  • reconnect with those natural systems, and each other, through the unique places where we live
  • re-orientate our human activity in our locality – economic, social – to promote resilient environments and livelihoods
  • restore the natural systems on which we all depend