PeatSCOPE Relaunch Webinar

Thursday 15 February 2024 - 11:00 to 12:00


Environment Systems
Unlocking the Power of PeatSCOPE: A Digital Tool Designed to Help Understand and Protect Our Peatlands

Environment Systems are excited to announce the official launch of PeatSCOPE; a digital tool that has been designed to help understand and protect peatlands.

Since the completion of the pre-commercial stage of CivTech6 in April 2023, Environment Systems has independently hosted and maintained PeatSCOPE Version 1.0 for a select group of users.

As of December 2023, Environment Systems are pleased to share that the Scottish Government will fund the service until March 2024. During this period, Environment Systems are reaching out to existing user base and the broader Peatland Community to gather feedback. This will help to ensure the continued success and relevance of the service.

The service’s continuity beyond March 2024 depends on the ongoing support of the Peatland Community. 

Support us in three simple steps

  1. Register for a free PeatSCOPE account at and start your journey by exploring the functionality and features.
  2. Register for our Webinar, February 15th, 11 am (GMT) on Eventbrite.
  3. Complete our feedback questionnaire. Your input is crucial in demonstrating the clear ‘value proposition’ of PeatSCOPE for you, the policymakers, natural capital investors, landowners, peatland restoration scheme designers, and every participant within the broader peatland community. Together, we can build a compelling case for the continued existence of this service.